Red’s a Party


Yay for the weekend! I regrettably haven’t blogged in awhile all due to the stress that mid-year exams bring. Believe me when I say the past two weeks have been hell for me 😦 Well, now that’s all done… PARTY! PARTY! 😀 Unfortunately, the flu decided to pick on me so no party for poor stressed out AJ 😦 Nonetheless, here’s a cheery bright number for you all.

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Is it Black and White Stripes or White and Black Stripes?


Another Spring fashion trend this 2013 (though my part of the world is currently in Autumn) is stripes! 🙂 So, here I am combining two trends: stripes and black-and-white and having the nonsensical “Zebra Question” in my mind 😀 Ahaha!

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Into the Dark Side


One of this season’s trends that I really adore is the combination of black and white. I have always been a fan, that’s why my wardrobe are full of these tints (but am trying my hardest to incorporate a jambalaya of colors). I wore to this when the fambam and I watched the last instalment of the Twilight Saga (yes, I was partly channelling Jane of the Volturi in this outfit 😀 Haha!)

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Cookie Monster Dreamed a Dream


And Cookie Monster dreamed to be Javert from Les Miserables! If it isn’t obvious enough, this is what I wore to watch the film version of Les Mis last December (backlog, I know!). Have you seen it?! Yes? Wasn’t Hugh Jackman amazing?!!!!!!!!!!!! In my opinion, he deserves to win an Oscar for his performance 🙂 You haven’t seen it?! 😦 Booooooo!!! Well, I encourage you to either see it (if it’s still on the movies) or get a copy of the DVD as soon as it gets released. Because I tell you, you people are missing A LOT! 😛

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