Down Childhood Street



I myself am actually surprised that I wasn’t able to update this blog for almost a month now. A lot has happened in the last month. Stress just kept on piling up and up and up; from school related, work, and even emotional stress. And the worst part of all this is that I often turn to comfort food when I’m stressed out… And that resulted to me gaining LOTS of weight! Oh well, just gotta exercise more and go back to my diet.

A recurring thought when I’m stressed out is of being a kid again. Back then, all I had to worry about was what color to use on my coloring book, perfecting my cursive writing, and other things that as I look back now are soooo simple and I am tempted to trade for at the moment. But then again, when everything (especially the stress) is all done, I could smile at what I’ve been through and enjoy the glorifying feeling. So for this post, I decided to be quite childlike to reminisce the past while my age could still get away with outfits like this. Hehe!


What better way to be childlike than to put on a Sesame Street shirt that I’ve worn here. Cookie Monster isn’t really my favourite Sesame Street character, it’s The Count that I love the most – yes, my love for math was obvious since childhood. This time around I decided to pair this graphic tee with a cotton pencil skirt and added this black vest of mine to make my look preppier.




Knee high socks were a staple of mine during my childhood. Ahhhh! Memories. Decided to take this plum backpack of mine for a spin. Never thought I could pair plum with navy blue.





Opted for white accessories to tie up my socks to the rest of my outfit.




Well, here’s to the past, the present and the future! May our paths shine brighter and us fashionistas grow even prettier! Ahaha 😀

I promise I will try to at least post once a week 😀

How’d you find child version AJ?

| Shirt: Threadless | Vest: Genevieve Gozum | Skirt: Stephanie by Suzelle | Socks: Darlington | Shoes: Rusty Lopez | Earrings: Diva | Bracelets: Target (flower bangle), From Mum (Round beads) | Watch: Guess |

❤ A.J. ƸӜƷ


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