Dress Up Your Jeans


Did you ever think that a dress and jeans would look good when paired together? Well, I certainly never ever thought it would work! But a girl just has to experiment sometimes, fashion is all about experimenting and making things work! 🙂

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Cookie Monster Dreamed a Dream


And Cookie Monster dreamed to be Javert from Les Miserables! If it isn’t obvious enough, this is what I wore to watch the film version of Les Mis last December (backlog, I know!). Have you seen it?! Yes? Wasn’t Hugh Jackman amazing?!!!!!!!!!!!! In my opinion, he deserves to win an Oscar for his performance 🙂 You haven’t seen it?! 😦 Booooooo!!! Well, I encourage you to either see it (if it’s still on the movies) or get a copy of the DVD as soon as it gets released. Because I tell you, you people are missing A LOT! 😛

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Fiery Phoenix


I’ve always been fascinated with the mythological bird, the Phoenix. It’s just amazing how it undergoes a never ending cycle of death and rebirth – always given the chance to start anew. So, when I found this shirt during my visit in the Philippines last year, I just had to get it!

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