Cookie Monster Dreamed a Dream


And Cookie Monster dreamed to be Javert from Les Miserables! If it isn’t obvious enough, this is what I wore to watch the film version of Les Mis last December (backlog, I know!). Have you seen it?! Yes? Wasn’t Hugh Jackman amazing?!!!!!!!!!!!! In my opinion, he deserves to win an Oscar for his performance 🙂 You haven’t seen it?! 😦 Booooooo!!! Well, I encourage you to either see it (if it’s still on the movies) or get a copy of the DVD as soon as it gets released. Because I tell you, you people are missing A LOT! 😛

Haha 😀 Sorry, I just had to rave a little since I super loved it. Moving on, I decided to go for cute and edgy at the same time that day and came up with this… A cookie monster loving policewoman (trying to break associating the police with donuts) 😉



Isn’t this shirt just the cutest? 🙂 I’m not really a fan of Cookie Monster (my kiddie heart is for Elmo LOL!) but my brother is. Being the sweet big sister that I am, I rode along his fandom and got all three of us (including our lovey Mommy) matching shirts for Christmas 🙂 Hihi! Next time you want to shop for some cute tees, visit Threadless. They have countless amazing designs that you’ll have such a hard time to choose what to get 😀



Went with bleached jeans to keep a good contrast with the color combination (you know the rule – but don’t let rules restrict you! Fashion rules are made to be broken 😉 ). The capri cut of my jeans also added to the edginess and my beaded denim belt helped in making my look sassy.



I opted for some height helpers that day 🙂 LOL! This pair is just gorgeous! I love how it’s simple with not much hoohas just a zipper detail. They make my feet look sexy 😀 Love it!

This bag from Fendi is gorgeous and hip. I really like how they subtly included the brand logo all over it 😀 Haha! I actually find it amusing (I’m just weird like this) 😀 Forgive me. Promise you still love me after all my craziness? Haha!



Went with the failproof combination of black and silver. I know you’ve seen this combination a lot, but notice my new silver ring? Pretty isn’t it? 🙂 It also comes in handy when you need an instant mirror 😀 Joke! I’m not that vain to actually need a ring just to see my reflection 😀


Well, there you go. My attempt on being cute and edgy at the same time 😀 Did I succeed?

| Shirt: Threadless | Jeans: Jay Jays | Heels: Corelli | Bag: Fendi | Hat: Bazaar | Necklace, Bracelet and Black Ring: From Mum | Silver Ring: Rubi for Cotton On | Watch: Profiles Accessories |


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