Red’s a Party


Yay for the weekend! I regrettably haven’t blogged in awhile all due to the stress that mid-year exams bring. Believe me when I say the past two weeks have been hell for me 😦 Well, now that’s all done… PARTY! PARTY! 😀 Unfortunately, the flu decided to pick on me so no party for poor stressed out AJ 😦 Nonetheless, here’s a cheery bright number for you all.



I wore this to a party I attended about 6 months ago. Yes, I know! It’s such a backlog. I really have a lot of look photos sitting in my files, I just have to find the time to actually blog about them 😦 #BusyGirlProblems

Though it’s not my favourite color, I like red very much 🙂 This top I’m wearing is magnifique in the sense that it makes me feel really sexy without over exposing some skin. Remember, there’s a thin borderline between being sexy while classy and looking trashy. I think the draping effect at the front adds a lot of class to it, agree?


Got my dark blue distressed jeans out to make my look lean on the casual side. I don’t usually pair red and blue together since I’m afraid of looking like a country flag. But it’s time that I break that fear and actually experiment 🙂 So, that’s one fashion fear broken, more experimenting soon! 😀


Opted for these chunky caged heels. Since I wasn’t blessed in the height department, I consider high heels my fashion best friend 🙂 That’s why even though a certain someone finds me quite intimidating when in heels and exclaims “are you trying to break your ankles?!”, my love affair with height helpers will never cease. In fact, I bought seven new pairs (ranging from wedges to pumps to boots) that I’m so excited to show you all!

For accessories, I stuck to red and silver to coordinate with my top and its circle design at the front. I’m a sucker for girly accessories, so flowers, hearts and butterflies – ESPECIALLY BUTTERFLIES! – dominate my accessories drawer.



Now, I wish this flu would go away soon so I could actually enjoy the less stressed out weeks to come! Can’t wait for the holidays!!!!!

How’d you find my look?

| Top: BMX | Jeans: TightropeHeels: Country Road |Earrings: Imagination World | Bracelet: Profiles Accessories | Ring: Rubi for Cotton On |


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