Red’s a Party


Yay for the weekend! I regrettably haven’t blogged in awhile all due to the stress that mid-year exams bring. Believe me when I say the past two weeks have been hell for me 😦 Well, now that’s all done… PARTY! PARTY! 😀 Unfortunately, the flu decided to pick on me so no party for poor stressed out AJ 😦 Nonetheless, here’s a cheery bright number for you all.

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Comfy Partying

High-heels… They give you added height and make you look slimmer.  But let’s face it, they have a downside 😦 prolonged use of them strains your feet (in my case, A LOT!).

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Rock the Night with Flowers

ImageLast Saturday, my family and I attended an event by SPAG (Samahan ng mga Pilipino – Australian sa Gippsland) where I also somewhat “DJ-ed”. No, I am not a professional DJ… The actual DJ was late so in a desperate attempt to keep the people entertained, the president of SPAG pulled me into the music booth and asked me to save the first two hours of the night. Fortunately, I had my music filled USB with me. I was very nervous whether they’d like my music taste or not but after seeing the positive reactions and the dancing, I just enjoyed the moment and started dancing as well 😀

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