Back to Basics


 Sometimes, you just have those days where you are tempted to just wear a comfy shirt and a really good pair of leggings. Well, that was definitely the kind of feeling I was having when I wore this look.



This oversized grey vest of mine is the perfect add-on to this simple black and white shirt and leggings combo. There’s nothing really special about it but for some reason I really like it’s single big button up front. I think this piece could also work as a good cover-up at the beach. Agree? Or am I thinking nonsense?



I guess the stand-out piece in this ensemble is this pair of flats I got from Imagination World. I love that the material used is similar to snakeskin and also the studs on the upper parts of it. To be honest, this wasn’t the color I wanted to purchase it in. They had a red one a size smaller than mine 😦 so, I had to settle for this one. But it’s all okay 🙂 I still get pretty flats 😀 Yaaaaay!



I matched my accessories to my shoes to add more colour to this neutral ensemble. The pendant for my necklace is actually a brooch. Since I don’t really use brooches, I got the gold chain from one of my necklaces and attached them together. Voila! That’s creativeness! 😀


When you’re having lazy days, it’s not really necessary to sacrifice fashion. All you have to do is add on and tweak the basics a bit and you’re still your pretty fashionista self 😀

How’d you find my look?

| Shirt: Bonds | Leggings: Target | Vest: Tightrope | Flats: Imagination World | Necklace: Goldmark (Chain), From Mum (Brooch) | Bracelets: From Mum (Thick bangle), From my childhood (beaded) |


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