Summer Stripes


One of my forever favourite prints would be stripes which is why I’m such in luck that it’s currently on trend! 😀 Since my last post wasn’t really summery in colour (Check it HERE), I decided to get a bit lost with the season that I love most.

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Dress Up Your Jeans


Did you ever think that a dress and jeans would look good when paired together? Well, I certainly never ever thought it would work! But a girl just has to experiment sometimes, fashion is all about experimenting and making things work! 🙂

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Is it Black and White Stripes or White and Black Stripes?


Another Spring fashion trend this 2013 (though my part of the world is currently in Autumn) is stripes! 🙂 So, here I am combining two trends: stripes and black-and-white and having the nonsensical “Zebra Question” in my mind 😀 Ahaha!

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