Break the Fear


I used to not be comfortable with combining red, blue and white in an ensemble because I’ve always been afraid of looking like a country flag. So, here I am trying it out and actually loving it!!! I know you are all thinking it’s already past the Fourth of July… but whatevs 😛

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Red’s a Party


Yay for the weekend! I regrettably haven’t blogged in awhile all due to the stress that mid-year exams bring. Believe me when I say the past two weeks have been hell for me 😦 Well, now that’s all done… PARTY! PARTY! 😀 Unfortunately, the flu decided to pick on me so no party for poor stressed out AJ 😦 Nonetheless, here’s a cheery bright number for you all.

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Is it Black and White Stripes or White and Black Stripes?


Another Spring fashion trend this 2013 (though my part of the world is currently in Autumn) is stripes! 🙂 So, here I am combining two trends: stripes and black-and-white and having the nonsensical “Zebra Question” in my mind 😀 Ahaha!

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Fiery Phoenix


I’ve always been fascinated with the mythological bird, the Phoenix. It’s just amazing how it undergoes a never ending cycle of death and rebirth – always given the chance to start anew. So, when I found this shirt during my visit in the Philippines last year, I just had to get it!

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Running Errands


Just a short entry today. I wore this to a short trip to town to run some errands (grocery shopping with Mum, paying bills, and whatnot). I’ve always believed in dressing accordingly and keeping comfort a priority for what’s in line on your schedule. I mean, come on, you’ll look pretty silly wearing a skirt with thigh-high slits and high heels when you know you’ll  be walking a lot IN THE MALL! LOL! Moving on, for days like this my go to outfit is shirt-leggings-runners/flats combo.

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