Back to Basics


 Sometimes, you just have those days where you are tempted to just wear a comfy shirt and a really good pair of leggings. Well, that was definitely the kind of feeling I was having when I wore this look.

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I’ve said it time and again that you could never go wrong with black. It has been and will always be a classic. It’s something that stays forever in the fashion world. So for Day 2 of my “Beauty Queen Duties” in Melbourne, I decided to go on a dominantly black ensemble.

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Running Errands


Just a short entry today. I wore this to a short trip to town to run some errands (grocery shopping with Mum, paying bills, and whatnot). I’ve always believed in dressing accordingly and keeping comfort a priority for what’s in line on your schedule. I mean, come on, you’ll look pretty silly wearing a skirt with thigh-high slits and high heels when you know you’ll  be walking a lot IN THE MALL! LOL! Moving on, for days like this my go to outfit is shirt-leggings-runners/flats combo.

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Print on Print Action


For this look, I decided to do two things that are out of my styling norm: checkered and print on print. I’ve always been uneasy of checkered and plaid because I’m worried of being branded as “The Walking Tablecloth”. So, in the 17 years of my life, I’ve tried to stay clear of these prints to the best that I can. For print on print, you could say that it’s a rarity. You see, I’m still quite new to this “coherently styling myself” thing and I’m still learning matching prints with other prints, but don’t worry I think I’m getting the hang of it 😀 Yay! (slow silent claps for AJ! :D)

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