Comfort Dressing


Well,here’s another lazy dressing day for me… Hopefully we won’t have to change this blog’s title from Butterfly of My Heart to Lazy Butterfly 😀 LOL

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Print on Print Action


For this look, I decided to do two things that are out of my styling norm: checkered and print on print. I’ve always been uneasy of checkered and plaid because I’m worried of being branded as “The Walking Tablecloth”. So, in the 17 years of my life, I’ve tried to stay clear of these prints to the best that I can. For print on print, you could say that it’s a rarity. You see, I’m still quite new to this “coherently styling myself” thing and I’m still learning matching prints with other prints, but don’t worry I think I’m getting the hang of it 😀 Yay! (slow silent claps for AJ! :D)

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