Break the Fear


I used to not be comfortable with combining red, blue and white in an ensemble because I’ve always been afraid of looking like a country flag. So, here I am trying it out and actually loving it!!! I know you are all thinking it’s already past the Fourth of July… but whatevs 😛

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Out of this World


Hola everyone! I’ll be honest and say straight out that I’m on “procrastination at its finest” mode 😀 LOL! Okaaaaaay! Let’s make that statement sound better… *ahem*…. I’m blogging right now as a form of mind conditioning and stress reliever for the homeworks I have to do (watch a movie and read two 75 page handouts for Literature and a bit of Math Methods, Psychology and Legal Studies on the side). Wow! This is gonna be a very busy weekend! 🙂 Just the way I like it.

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