Going Country with Bodycon


Have you ever had the dilemma of having this really pretty dress but you can’t seem to find the right occasion to wear it? 😦 Well, this bodycon dress is the perfect example. I’ve had this for quite some time now but it’s been slumbering in my wardrobe ever since. Well the waiting took it’s toll on me, so when another one of my “Beauty Queen Duties” event came up, I decided to wear it no matter what! 🙂 And since it was a day event, I experimented to make it lean on the casual side.



In my opinion, bodycon dresses are one of the sexiest dresses ever made! And when in classic black, you could never go wrong! 🙂 This particular one has a bit of sweetness to it due to the ruffles and polka dot details. Imagine this paired, with a white lace cardigan and pumps, you’d transform it to something so dainty! 🙂



I was able to casualise and somewhat give the whole ensemble a country vibe with the help of my army boots (which I’m forever infatuated with) and my reversible denim vest . I love reversible pieces or clothes that you can wear in different ways 🙂 If you’re guessing the reverse side is fur, then you’re spot on! 🙂 Now how can you deny how awesome this vest it?!


For my accessories, I went with my brown men’s watch from Chisel and my wooden bracelet to compliment the fur detail of my vest. This massive heart pendant appealed to me so much since it has this feel of royalty with it… sort of like what a Disney Princess would wear sans the black 🙂 And yes, it’s unusual to see hearts in black so that’s also a plus.


Thank you to my not so baby brother for taking my outfit shots without needing any bribe 😀 Love you!

How’d you find my look?

| Dress: Mink | Vest: Target | Boots: Naughty Monkey | Earrings & Necklace: Profiles Accessories | Watch: Chisel | Bracelet: From Childhood |


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