I’m baaaaaaaaaaaaack!!! 😀 How has your week been? Mine has been very busy with school and work… but I’m not complaining 🙂 I actually think it’s better to be busy than to waste your life away. Agree?

Well, it’s just a short post for today my fashion peepz since I need to catch up on some Zzzzzsss in preparation for a very busy weekend 🙂

This was taken during the last days of Spring (November) last year. Major backlog, I know 😐 Expect more of them since I have a bunch of them sitting in my computer files waiting to be posted. Moving on, I don’t usually dress all girlie and pinkified but there are instances that you can’t stop being a girl 🙂 To achieve my doll-like peg, I went with a white long-sleeved top (with pink lining underneath) and a floral skirt. Added my summer-feel platforms from Tiva by Fila and capped it all off with my Guess watch, a heart pendant and my retro-inspired earrings. The scarf was a last minute decision, just thought it would be quite cute and unexpected to use it as a belt 😉

Here are more photos…








Well, that’s it for now! Good night, dears 🙂 And have an awesome weekend!

How’d you find my look?

| Top: Face Off | Skirt: K Mart | Platforms: Tiva by Fila | Scarf worn as belt and earrings: Profiles Accessories | Necklace: From Philippines | Watch: Guess |


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