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This was during the Filipino Fiesta in Morwell, Victoria last November that I attended as part of my beauty queen duties (I still blush and giggle every time I say/type that šŸ™‚ tihee). Moving on, I decided to take this corporate chic dress out for a spin, but translated it into “AJ Language” šŸ˜€



This dress is formal enough for office wear and is still fashionable. The strategic color blocking helped make me look slimmer (which I badly need!) and the peplum detail at the sides keeps the look trendy. I’m no official working girl yet, but dresses like this would be a staple in my wardrobe when the time comes šŸ™‚



Since I knew we would be walking on grass ninety nine percent of the time, pumps or any form of high heels were definitely a no-no (I haven’t really mastered the skill of walking on grass with heels on). Wearing my beloved combat boots was a great idea too… It just transformed the dress from corporate chic to a more young, edgy look (just so AJ! šŸ˜€ Ha!).



Added a beret to protect my head and hair from the burning sun. I don’t know if it’s just me, but I think the sun is harsher here in Australia compared to the Philippines… Or maybe I just didn’t casually sunbathe much when I was still back home šŸ™‚



For accessories, I went with my usual black “wrist ornaments” combination and had my necklace and earrings with touches of gold and brown. This collar necklace is quite glam and my imagination is racing right now on the many outfits I could style it into. Notice the leopard print on my earrings? Adorable, isn’t it?! And the sparkly diamantes just add more beauty and character to it šŸ™‚ How I love my accessories!


And here’s a shot of me performing my duties as SPAG’s Ms. Teen Australasia 2012 šŸ˜€

How’d you find my look?

|Dress: Target | Boots: Naughty Monkey | Beret: Sportsgirl | Earrings: Imagination World | Collar Necklace: Queen Victoria Market | Watch: Profiles Accessories | Bracelet and Ring: From Mum |


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