Fiery Phoenix


I’ve always been fascinated with the mythological bird, the Phoenix. It’s just amazing how it undergoes a never ending cycle of death and rebirth – always given the chance to start anew. So, when I found this shirt during my visit in the Philippines last year, I just had to get it!



I wore this look to a casual day out of visiting family friends. The sun was up and high that day, thank God this shirt is quite breezy! I also love its actual design, using details of sequins they were able to picture the phoenix on the phase of its rebirth – the moment when it becomes engulfed in flames and be born again from its ashes. And let’s face it, a few sequins here and there makes even a casual attire look even a tad bit fancy 😉

Also, here’s a bit of “Believe it or Not”: This top was also advertised as a male’s top. *GASP!* Who knew beadwork can ever be present in men’s clothing. So boys, if you want to spice up your wardrobe and try a bit of beadwork, go to your nearest Salvage store! 🙂 Then maybe (juuuust maybe), y’all would understand why girls love anything sparkly *fingergs crossed* 😀



Aaaah! Denim! One of the loves of my life…. we meet again! For quick dressing days I often go for this pair of capri denim pants. Reasons being: they fit perfectly and the length gives any outfit that young outdoorsy vibe.



Decided to take casual styling a notch higher by putting some plaid printed flats. Yes!!!! I am sporting some plaid print! HALLELUJAH! How can I resist when Crocs finally evolved from their boat shoes to a wider and more fashionable variety of footwear! DOUBLE HALLELUJAH! I’m really proud of you Crocs! Expect me to shop more from you now that your boat shoe days are no longer your center of attraction 🙂



For my accessories I went with gold and different colored stones to compliment the beadwork on my top. The wooden bracelet is from my early childhood so it isn’t surprising that I can’t remember where I got it from. Still, it’s a go to casual piece which has  a mix of masculine and feminine qualities (namely: wood and the flower etchings on it).


Sometimes, I wish I was a phoenix so I could be born again and do things differently in the new chance given to me, but I think it’s better to learn from the things you’ve done (may they be good or bad) and grow up.

What do you think?

| Top: Salvage (Robinsons Metro East) | Capri Denim Pants: Jay Jays | Flats: Crocs | Necklace, Earrings, and Bangle (flower): from Mum | Bracelet (wood): from childhood |


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