La Vie En Rose

I know you’d hear most girls gushing and dreaming “I want to go to Paris someday!” or “to go to the city of love is such a dream!”… Well, I’m no different! ๐Ÿ˜€ I’ve already made up my mind as a child, I’d definitely go to Paris and explore this city and learn its history (that’s another thing I’m completely in love with… History!).

Moving on, add that aspiration with my current LSS (Last Song Syndrome) Sophie Milman’s rendition of La Vie en Rose, I couldn’t help but dress up with a French vibe ๐Ÿ™‚

I opted to go for a classic monochrome of black and white (my favourite combination). Now this long sleeved dress is comfort at its finest. It is really snug and it fits likes a glove. I also love its simplicity, just a thick white strip with borders of red on the sleeves, but it’s still gorgeous. I guess sometimes less is really more.

I think I’ve expressed this before, but I have a deep love for scarves. May they be scarves made from yarn, cotton, or chiffon, I love them. It’s actually good to invest in them since they’re perfect for lazy day accessorizing. This particular one is my favourite crocheted scarf. Aside from it being white (which – if you’re new to my blog – is my favourite color/tint), it’s very frilly which I really like.

When I said before that it’s hard to detach myself from this pair of boots, I wasn’t kidding. They are just so comfy (again, with the comfort) and full of attitude. They just make me feel so bad ass and if you know me personally you’d know I’m completely the opposite ๐Ÿ˜€ So, I guess if I could choose an alter ego it’ll be bad ass but with class :> What do you think of that?

I decided to add some pops of color through my accessories. Here’s a tip (especially if you’re gonna do prints), when accessorizing go for the color that appears the least in your outfit, it just gives a good contrast to your look. In this case, it’s red. So, I put on my red French beret, red roses bracelet, and my white heart ring with traces of colors (including very faint red).

Here’s a little confession… I am not a lover of hats. I am very meticulous with hats and even after deliberating about a piece, it still takes time for me to actually like it. The punch line is that I don’t know why my attitude is like this towards them! Haha! Well, the one I’m wearing here is an exception. The color is just so attractive and come on… It’s a French beret! I dream of Paris, remember? So, it was definitely a keeper from the moment I laid eyes on it ๐Ÿ™‚

How’d you find my French inspired look? ๐Ÿ™‚

|Dress: Guess|Boots: Naughty Monkey|Scarf and Ring: Random from aย bazaar|Beret: Katie’s Sydney|Necklace: From Ced|Bracelet: Profiles Accessories|

โค A.J. ฦธำœฦท


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