Combat Princess

WARNING! This look was inspired by horror. Haha! 😀

Let’s talk zombie. If ever a zombie apocalypse do occur on Earth, this is what I would wear (if fashion is still manageable with all the chaos). If you’re thinking “Resident Evil much”, yes this is an effect of Resident Evil: Retribution on me 😀

I wore this look for a little something for SPAG (Samahan ng mga Pilipino Australian sa Gippsland). I won’t expound on that for now, better to tease you guys a bit 😉 Well, two days before this, I watched the fifth instalment of the Resident Evil franchise and I just couldn’t get over it! It’s probably the only zombie film series that I’ve been hooked to since childhood so I just felt the need to embody it in this shoot 🙂

This little black dress is just amazing! It’s top is fashioned on a sexy corset while the skirt portion is not the expected bodycon but a flowy loose skirt giving it a hint of sweetness. I love pieces (or matching two pieces) that consists of two contradicting qualities (example: girly & boyish, grown-up & youthful) – in this case, sexy & sweet. Another thing I like about this LBD is that it doesn’t have a lot of special effects – just a little bow detail that gives the skirt a bit of a scrunch; which also adds to the sweet factor of the look since it made me feel like I was wearing a flower girl’s dress.

Never really thought that a little black dress can be paired with army boots… But what do you know! It works! I really wanted to stay in character and I think it would be hard to fight off zombies with stilettos on 🙂 Haha!

I introduce to you my current favourite watch! 🙂 Its dial is just humongous that I felt like I was wearing a wall clock. Haha! I think this watch is the item that made me look so much in character. The dial just looks like a time bomb and the band has bullet like pieces attached to it. This detail could actually be associated as vials of “Nightlock” (Hunger Games reference right there! And yes you should expect a Katniss Everdeen inspired look too 😀 ). Unfortunately, I forgot to take a photo of that little detail 😦 I swear I’ll remember next time I wear this watch.

For the rest of my accessories, I made sure to put on pieces that are bright and colorful. Hearts, candy-like gems, and flowers were perfect to play as reminders of joy and love in the total catastrophe of the scenario of my inspiration.

How’d you find my take on Mila Jovovich’s Alice? 🙂

Mink dress, Naughty Monkey boots, Imagination World earrings and necklace, Profiles Accessories watch, Bangle from Mum

❤ A.J. ƸӜƷ


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