Comfy Partying

High-heels… They give you added height and make you look slimmer. Β But let’s face it, they have a downside 😦 prolonged use of them strains your feet (in my case, A LOT!).

Remember SPAG’s glamour themed event? If not and you’re new to my blog, find out about it HERE. One thing I really enjoy about events like these is the dancing (even though I’m not anywhere near as good as my Mother Dear :)). Anyway, if I continued with the party with my sky-high heels, my feet would have eventually died, so I brought a comfy second outfit.

(NOTE: I wasn’t able to take photos during the event, so this is a recreation the morning after.)

I know I already sound like a broken record, but let me say this one more time… I LOVE SPARKLES AND BEDAZZLES! Haha! Moving on, I still wanted to incorporate the theme of glamour in this teenage outfit, and I think sparkle does just the trick. I also love that it’s quite loose on it’s lower part.

Instead of wearing plain black tights, I opted for this pair which is partly fish nets to add some attitude and lessen the princess effect of my top. When I was a little girl, I wore fish net stockings quite often due to the encouragements of my mother… You wanna know a little secret? I didn’t like it one bit! I’m not sure why, but I found them frustrating. Haha! But now I really appreciate it πŸ™‚ they are just so good at adding that attitude and oomph in your look. Thanks Mum! πŸ˜€

What could ever be comfier than some good old kicks?! Enjoying the party and dancing the whole night away was so natural with these babies. And I just love love love that it comes in metallic silver. I think I should stock up more on sneakers because now I can’t get enough of their comfort.

Β For accessories I added some flowers and a bit more sparkle. Before I had mentality that you should stick to one color with your accessories (like if it’s black, all accessories should be black). But I just taught myself how to mix and match and I am now happily converted. Haha! That’s a thing I love about fashion, there are no rules! Just keep on experementing! πŸ™‚ For this ensemble, I mixed black and white to still be on the safe side (I’m still quite new at mixing and matching but I’ll transition to more daring combinations bit by bit :)).

Looking at these photos, I think I really looked like a partying teenager… Or a disco ball! Haha!

How’d you find my comfy party look? πŸ™‚

Imagination World top, Tightrope fish net tights, Rivers sneakers, Profiles earrings and necklace set, Target bangle, Guess watch

❀ A.J. ƸӜƷ


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