Living Out a Childhood Daydream

When I was 7 years old, I saw a fashion show on TV with women strutting down the catwalk wearing very elegant silhouettes and ridiculously huge hats. I sat there stunned and just taking in the excessive amount of glamour they exude. I remember thinking “I want to be like that when I grow up” (and to be honest, I often daydreamed about it). But as you grow up, career choices change; you consider all factors and decide which is most practical and sensible to do for the rest of your life.

I wore this look for another event for SPAG (Samahan ng mga Pilipino-Australian sa Gippsland). The theme of the event was glamour and the childhood daydream I locked up in my heart and mind just couldn’t stay hiding any longer 🙂

This black dress is another one of Mum’s choices. What I love about it most is the fact that it’s simple yet sooo sleek! I think it’s great that the sequin on it comes in black because it glams it up without it being on overkill-stand-out mode. The gorgeous sequin top and the sexy deep plunge on the back sums it up to be perfect! Agree?! 🙂

If you make me choose an alternative era to live in, I would definitely blurt out VICTORIAN ERA! 🙂 The idea of this hat is to portray a subtler version of the said era’s in-fashion hats and adding a hint of current trends (with this, we chose sheer). The all-out feathers style was too much a big leap for me so settling with a single ribbon with a glittered pattern was a better choice.  This dream come true hat would never ever be possible without the superbly creative mind and skilful hands of Tom Vocalan – the man who has created wonderful ensembles for me since childhood and the designer that I would never doubt 🙂

For footwear, I opted for these sequinned peep toe heels. It’s so great that they’re matchy-matchy with the top of my dress and the bows on them just give them a cute vibe. The combination blends sophistication and youthfulness perfectly.

What better way to spell out glamour than silver and different sizes of diamantes with your accessories. Even my accessories are a blend of sophistication and youthfulness! I didn’t intend the coherency of my accessories and footwear, but I’m glad and proud with the final result 🙂

Look at me… Unable to contain my excitement (SUPER KILIG MOMENT!) 🙂 I’m happy that even just once I was able to live that daydream 🙂

How’d you find my look? 🙂

Dress from Mum, Janylin shoes, hat Creation of Tom Vocalan, SM Accessories earrings and ring set, necklace and bangle from Victoria Market, Profiles bracelet and butterfly ring

❤ A.J. ƸӜƷ


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