Candy on My Neck

I have really set my mind into adding more color into this blog, so for this outfit I decided to go for my bejewelled bib collar necklace to be my statement piece. No, I think this piece’s stones look more like yummy lollies that it’s more appropriate to call it “BECANDIED”!!! 😀

I went with the common top+jeans combo but with a few tweaks kept the look playful and interesting.

When you want your accessories to stand out, it’s best to stick to the basics. In this case, I chose this quarter sleeve black top. In my opinion, pieces like these are vital in your wardrobe (you could think of it as your canvas board). With basics, you could exercise that imagination of yours into keeping things interesting with little details that make such an impact on your look. Adding this green vest and swarovski necklace is a perfect example. The  vest was a last minute decision to blogger up my look and I thought it would be pretty cute to make my bib collar necklace look like it has a built-in chain, so I grabbed my swarovski necklace and voilà!

I’m quite a fan of distressed jeans, it just adds that extra attitude. Out of all my distressed jeans, this pair is my favourite. It’s fit is just perfect and I’ve always preferred darker shades of denim. I also added my Mum’s brown leather belt to accentuate the transition from my top to my pants. This shade of brown is called smokey topaz; it’s one of the brighter shades of brown.

For footwear, I opted for my moss green clogs again mainly for height help 😀

To complete this look I put on my becandied earrings and my hand-painted bangle. I was lucky enough that these earrings come in the same yummy candy colors as my necklace. Perfect match! 🙂 Now, this kind of bangle is not really my go-to choice. When it comes to bangles, I look to gold or silver ones, the ones you’d think would be suiting for Greek goddesses or deities; but the youthful and carefree feeling that this artistic bangle brings is just hard to say no to (plus, it goes well with  my belt!). That’s why I’m really thankful that Mum got me this even though it breaks my norm.

How’d you find my look?

Tightrope top and jeans, Bread N Butter vest, Rivers clogs, Earrings from Mum, Imagination Collection necklace, Swarovski necklace, Bangle from Mum, Mum’s belt

These girls asked me to take a photo of them… and somehow ended up having a photo together 🙂 I guess I look like a tourist 😀



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