Neutrals and Prints


I think one thing you should know about me is that I don’t frequently go out – I am actually the type to hit the books more often as you could possibly imagine – hence the irregular outfit posts. Yes, I could create different looks at home and just have a photo shoot, but that would render this blog pointless. It’s because I want to inspire people with outfits that I am confident with and would definitely wear outside my home, and photo shoots like that would more likely not help my intentions. Well, on to my outfit…

I wanted to experiment on neutrals – find out if throwing on all possible neutral colors I can find in my wardrobe can work and how to keep it interesting. The final product is this classy number.



I thought grey would be good to start with, so I went with this long sleeved turtle-necked dress of mine. The wonder about this dress is that it keeps you warm even without a jacket or coat (so perfect for winter!). Like I said, I want to keep things interesting, so instead of sticking with just my plain grey dress, I donned this abstract printed silk dress. I love abstract pieces; I think it’s because in art, they don’t portray much objects in them yet they give off such strong emotions. Black blotches on cream, like on this dress, sends to me the impression of pure becoming impure, like being tainted with anger and other sorts of evil; or impure becoming pure – the anger and evil starting to fade away.



I opted for these snakeskin boots for footwear because it’s in the same hue as my silk dress and it adds height while it envelopes my feet in pure comfort. To be honest, this is the first time I wore something with an animal print (while not on the performance stage at least). As a child, I always felt bad seeing clothes with animal prints, I really felt like it violates animals in a way; but now I don’t think I’d be able to help myself anymore, animal prints are just so chic! And they’re also a good breaker for  simple outfits.


ImageSince trying animal prints is a first for me, why not double its dose? These sunnies are fashioned after Prada’s baroque sunglasses. The originals were just too much for my budget to handle and that left me to search for an imitation 😀 I’ve been seeing these in solid colors or tints (example: pink, black, white) so, leopard print seemed the best to buy. Being different is good 🙂

For my other accessories, I splashed on some whites and diamantes!!! It’s an experiment with neutrals, so white should definitely be present in this (FYI, it’s my fave color/tint 🙂 ). If you’ve been following my blog, you’d know that for me it’s hard to live without some dazzle and sparkle, so I put on some diamantes too! 😀 Well, with these things in mind, the perfect accessories are my Guess watch, woven pearl and diamante collar necklace, and simple stud earrings.

I was actually disappointed with this collar necklace at first. Since I bought them online, I wasn’t sure if they’d look good in person (believe me, product photos are sometimes deceiving). I expected them to be woven with nylon cord or something hard material. It turns out they were woven the traditional way, as in with yarn-like-thread. I was really disappointed, but when I tried them on, it was just LOVE! They are so elegant and versatile! I could pair this with shirt and jeans or with a cocktail dress and they’d work out perfectly in both cases! 🙂


I think my experiment went well 🙂 What do you think?

Sportsgirl long sleeved dress, Tightrope printed dress, Pre-loved boots, Romwe sunglasses and necklace, Diva earrings, Guess watch


A shot with my official photographer since my babyhood – Mum ❤


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