Cold Sunny Day

I never planned for this blog to be fashion related at all. I don’t even trust myself on fashion… but, what the heck! 😀


Yesterday was so hectic that it actually felt like being caught in a tornado 😐 Imagine… I juggled a schedule consisting of a shopping date with Mum, re-enrolling for dance school, driving lesson, and gym…. Add to that the chilly winter air which by the way is something I dread. So, what’s a girl to do? No… What’s a girl to wear?! And my answer to that is (drum roll)… Simple comfy clothes! 😀

I wasn’t actually able to take heaps of photos because it was somewhat a spur-of-the-moment thing and it was quite awkward posing at the mall’s parking lot 😐 In any case…

I decided to keep it mostly to the basics by doing the black and white theme. When you don’t have time to mix and match, it’s such a lifesaver to just go with black and white. And also I adore black and white!!! Sadly, because of the obsession, my wardrobe is mostly these tints 😦 But not to worry, I’m decided to add more colors to it and sooner or later it would be so similar to a rainbow! 😀

Introducing my favourite white sweater! This is from IVY club – which is a Korean brand. Their fashion statement is adapted from Korean high school uniforms – otherwise known as “Gyobok’ – which is a big hit amongst the Korean youth. I love this sweater because of that statement and also because it’s perfect for chilly winter days. It was also a good choice for me to wear this because its apple green collar breaks the dull look that black and white sometimes achieve.

When thinking of comfy, I come up with shorts and leggings as the comfiest bottoms you could possibly wear. Since it’s winter, forget the shorts! Haha. I got this stirrup leggings from Tightrope. I found this during last year’s “End of the Financial Year Sale” costing me only $10! It was such a great buy!!! This leggings is really good quality and the best part for me with stirrup leggings is that they don’t crease and also the fact that they make my legs look longer! Hooray! 😀

For my footwear, I chose my Puma running shoes. I was actually planning on wearing my black bejewelled flats but I was going straight to gym after a driving lesson and  I wasn’t really bothered enough to carry them around in my bag. Anyhow, my ever trusted running shoes sufficed.

In terms of accessories, I just went with two necessary things: sunnies and a watch. The reason being: (sunnies) the sun was extremely bright that it was making it hard to drive around and (watch) I need to constantly keep track of the time due to my tight schedule.


I’m not really a fan of sunnies/shades. I used to detest them! But, when I saw this pair, I instantly fell in love with them. I found them at Bayo when I visited the Philippines two months ago. I really like it’s style and that it’s lenses are not heavily tinted. I think this pair could actually be the start of a sunnies collection for me 😀 Hahaha


And here it is! My baby! This is actually my first Guess Watch – isn’t it obvious?… Calling it “baby” and all 🙂 haha  I grew up seeing my Mum wear Guess watches and it became a goal for me to buy myself a Guess watch when I get a job… In my case, it came early because I am a proud working-student. I chose this because of the big silver dial embellished with swarovski elements. And also white is my favorite color/tint. It’s extremely expensive, but it’s worth every cent!


I think I did pretty good with the outfit I came up with for my uptight schedule yesterday. And also writing a fashion related blog. What do you think?

IVY Club sweater, Tightrope stirrup leggings, Puma running shoes, Bayo shades, Guess watch

❤ Alezka J. ƸӜƷ


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