When she was a caterpillar

My mother once told me the story of when she gave birth to me. How excited she was to have her first baby, and on top of that the joy she felt that it’s a BABY GIRL. She said everyone expected the baby to be beautiful, cuddly, cheerful, and everything that is best that they could think of.  Then, my mother gave birth…

When she first held me, she shed tears. If you think it was because of endless joy, you are wrong. She cried because I wasn’t even a fraction of what she expected. She told me that I looked like an ugly rat and that she was sure that her child was replaced with another. But, I was the only girl in the nursery so she silenced her worries. She said she went to the nursery every time she could and stared at me so she could convince herself that I am hers and that I can be the pretty baby girl that she imagined. But one of her staring sessions changed all her views on me.

All the babies were sleeping in the nursery – the 7 boys and me – when my mother started staring at me and convincing herself again. All of us were so peaceful, until I started crying my lungs out which resulted to the others getting startled awake and crying too. When all 7 boys were crying, I stopped and smiled at my mother. And then she told herself with a smile that I am really her daughter.


And here I was as a baby… Weird looking and semi-bald. The semi-bald part was with me for a long time; unlike other babies, my hair didn’t really grow until I was 3 1/2 years old.


As you can see, I was not even one bit attractive… I actually looked like a boy! My mother was extremely disappointed with that fact. But like the loving mother she is, she came up with a solution…


She resorted to oversized ribbons and fluffy curly wigs!

My mother transformed me from boy-looking baby girl to PRINCESS BABY GIRL!



 My mother made me all the more special by having most of my clothes custom made. Oddly enough, she made sure that I’m magnificently dressed even though we’re just at home.




My mother has helped me metamorphose into what I am now. She has been with me through everything, may it be good or bad. And I’m deeply thankful to her for that.

And I love her so much! It is lovely to think that I am done with the stage of being a caterpillar… but the world still has a lot to show me; but someday, I will tell my mother…

“Mum, look at me. I was your caterpillar… Thank you for making me a butterfly.”


❤ Alezka J. ƸӜƷ

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